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Year: 2012 I  Volume: 2 I  Issue: 1 I  Pages: 231-238
Holistic approach for prevention of heart disease and diabetes
Gundu H R Rao*, H R Nagendra†
* Emeritus Professor, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health     Sciences, US
† Vice Chancellor1, Chairman2, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana3, Bangalore, India
South Asians have a very high incidence of hypertension, metabolic syndrome, coronary artery disease (CAD) and type-2 diabetes (T2D). Currently, there are approximately 60 million diabetics in India. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) estimate, T2D will increase by 200% in India, in the next two decades. Once this disorder is diagnosed, there is no better alternative than, to effectively manage the risk factors. Therefore, it is essential to develop early diagnosis and better management, of these metabolic disorders. Many studies done in the west, have demonstrated that life style management is as effective, as medical management for this disease. In view of these findings, in South Asian Countries, greater emphasis should be given to the holistic management of those who are “at risk”, for developing hypertension, obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and T2D. Life style management should include; smoking cessation, yoga, exercise and change in the diet. Preliminary studies suggest that yoga, sathwik diet or a well-balanced diet effectively reduces the diabetes burden. However, these studies have to be confirmed by appropriately designed randomized clinical trials. We have initiated a survey, to find out, as to what other traditional therapies (Unani/Siddha) have been found to be beneficial, in the effective management of these diseases. Results of these surveys and validation of those therapies, that are found to be effective including yoga, diet, etc., will provide us with holistic, alternate or complementary therapies for the management of heart disease and T2D.
Metabolic syndrome
Type-2 diabetes
Coronary artery disease
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